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> Alan Horkan wrote:
> >...GNU Image Manipulation Program...
> >
> Ah, so I'm not the only one who writes "Cinepaint" on his CV. :) Forget
> that group layer effect nonsense, the biggest advantage Photoshop has
> over GIMP is that its name doesn't conjure images of a leather man kept
> on a leesh with his mouth zippered shut!

Please let's not get into that discussion again.  As you can already tell
I try and make an effort to use the full name of the GNU Image
Manipulation Program and get on with it.

Sven has made it clear that the name will not be changed

Even if people did want to change the name the practical difficulties are
quite significant.  I do not think there is anything new we can say on the

I was deliberately trying to change the subject and talk about the things
we do like and take a more optimistic look.


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