I've just installed the Gimp 2.3. Everything went
fine. Congratulation to the developers for this
polished release. I have a question though relating to
CMS. I have Adobe color profiles that I also use with
Scribus. In Scribus, I just dumped the stuff in the
Profile folder and the program saw it right away. In
the Gimp, I've created a profile folder in the
~/.gimp2.3 folder and copied all adobe icc profiles
there. Then, I made a link from Preferences>Color
Management to the profile folder. The icc profiles
appear nicely, both the RGB and the CMYK; but when I
shut down and reopen the Gimp the profiles disappear
from the Preferences>Color Management dialog and the
question mark reappears.  Did I do something wrong? 
What is the proper way of linking to profiles in the

More questions later.


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