Olivier Ripoll wrote:
> Gilberto wrote:

>> I live in Brasil
>> Im planning to sell mugs with Wilber decoration.
>> Is this legal?

> Wilber logo is GPLed. So as long as you provide the source code of your
> mug and carve the complete GPL licence on the bottom face of the mug,
> there is no problem.

Hm, I'll try to give a more serious answer:

Basically, Olivier is right (if the Wilber is really GPLed). But you
don't have to carve the GPL into the mug (/me slaps Olivier).

What would be nice if each cup came with a short note explaining what
GIMP is and an offer from you to provide the source of the mug to your
customers (in this case, this would be the image ready for printing on
cups). IMO you don't have to provide the sources for the mug itself,
because this can be considered the platform Wilber is used on.


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