Dave Neary wrote:

Hi all,

Hi Dave,

Since you asked on the gimp-user list, I guess even users like me (whose contribution can be counted on the fingers the hand of any leper) is requested.

By coincidence, a Brazilian mug-dealer has been asking today on the list (maybe someone could answer him by the way) for the permission to use Wilber's picture ((c) by Tigert, isn't it). How does this "official merchandiser" relationship fit with the fact that Wilber's logo is GPLed. Could this Brazilian guy still use the gimp's logo and write "the GIMP" on his mugs ? Or are you planning to impose a restriction on the license of the Wilber image and the GIMP's name ?

I'm just asking...

Best regards,


PS: I just noticed today that copyleft is no more.

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