Erica <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I live in Brasil
>> I´m planning to sell mugs with Wilber decoration.
>> Is this legal?
>> Gilberto
> Yeah, I think it is. If it is legal to sell GIMP, it
> might be legal to sell mugs with Wilber. Refer to this
> page: http://gimp.org/about/selling.html

I'd be very careful about this. I am not a lawyer, but IMO it is wrong
to assume that selling things with the GIMP logo is legal without a
written agreement with the author of the artwork. But it is probably
safe to assume that noone is going to sue you if you donate a fair
share of your bargain to the GIMP project (http://gimp.org/donating/).

The page you referred to clearly only deals with selling the software.

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