On Thursday 19 May 2005 14:27, Gilberto wrote:
> Hi
> I live in Brasil
> Im planning to sell mugs with Wilber decoration.
> Is this legal?
> Gilberto

Hi Gilberto!

Yes, it is legal to do your all artworks, for profit or not, based on 
the GIMP art.

AFAIK all artwork that is officially related to the GIMP is licensed 
under the GPL, so, if possible, you could attach a text in a label 
with the mugs stating that the artwork can be reproduced, as far as 
the GPL terms are satisfied. Most people do not do that - and no one 
will be sued for nto doing so, certainly.

However, I personally consider a  "copyleft" label on stuff that is 
indeed copyleft a good thing, in  a sense that people that do not 
realize that most other things are "copyright" begin to do so.

If you need any further help, yo may contact me in portuguese.

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