Sven Neumann wrote:
I've thought more about the whole thing and I would like to propose
the following solution:

We add a page about GIMP merchandising to www.gimp.org. This page
("GIMP Stuff" ?) gets linked from the sidebar and from the Donations
page and it is mentioned on the front page at the time it is added
(and perhaps every once in a while). On that page we give links to all
places where people can obtain GIMP stuff but only if the GIMP project
also gets a fair share of the bargain.

That's grand with me. It's a fair middle line between having nothing (current state) and having an integrated merchandising line.

This is the model that KDE use already, by the way. It's worth noting that what KDE gets in stuff is pretty tiny - it's measured in hundreds of euros a year.

I think this is a fair compromise between the concerns that GIMP is selling out, and the desire to have GIMP merchandising for sale.

Unless there are objections to this, I'll figure out the details with all concerned over the next couple of weeks.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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