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> Hi,
> Rikard Johnels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > So where can i find a newer version??
> > Its collected via perl CPAN a few days ago.
> > I thought this to be the latest...?
> Use the Gimp-2.0 package from CPAN.
> Sven

Please help a clueless individual...
How the (lots of bad words) do i get the beast installed??
I tried getting perl to build it by it self 
#> perl -e shell -MCPAN
sparhawk:~ # perl -e shell -MCPAN

cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.7601)
ReadLine support enabled

cpan> install Gimp

And that pulled the module and failed to compile. 
I then tried:
sparhawk:~ # cd .cpan/build/Gimp-1.211/
sparhawk:~/.cpan/build/Gimp-1.211 #
sparhawk:~/.cpan/build/Gimp-1.211 # perl Makefile.PL

And that too failed.

So how do i get it to find, download and finally successfully compile it???


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