Hello everyone!

I have just bought a new Wacom Graphire 3 tablet PC and now I am doing
it working on my Ubuntu Hoary.

The tablet is fine, works really good as a normal mouse pointer.
Now I have added the stylus, eraser and cursor input devices, and I can
see them on File-> Preferences->Input Devices, and I can change all
their parameters (mode, X, Y, Pressure, Tilt...).

I am new on using a tablet, so I don't know if I can configure it
better, and get anything else (and not only a mouse cursor). 

Well, I wanted only to ask about what does Stylus, Eraser and Cursor
devices mean... and what have I to see/do to get my Graphire 3 totally
installed and well configured on my GNU/Linux.

That's all,
thank you very much for your help.


PD: If someone needs more information, please tell me... I have read
many man pages and tutorials but maybe too new on this theme...

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