[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-05-22 at 1710.22 +0100):
> > Any opinions on that, anyone?
> I agree that the space key should be reserved for something
> pretty amazingly common and useful.  I suppose it's also likely
> that panning the image is a slightly more common temporary mode of
> action than moving a layer, regardless of what The Other program
> does, though we DO have a super-handy little single-click panning
> tool on the image window already, so overall I don't think it's a
> compelling win (or loss).

I have been thinking, and remember some people were saying tools were
running out of mod keys. Why not reserve it for those cases? Tools
could use shift, control, alt and space. Or is the any technical
limitation about making mod+space a mod?

Space alone obviously not, but dunno if it would give us a single key,
or another level. Still one mod more is a win, a family of them a
bigger one, specially if it makes all the required operations to be
based in one or two keys, never three.

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