Richard Nagle wrote:
when will gegel be add into gimp?


Hello Richard,

In the open source world, when someone ask for "when ?", the usual answer is "when it's ready". It is very hard for the developers to give you an estimation for such a question, since they do not control some issues such as:
   - the time they will have to integrate gegl in the future
   - the number of people who will join the effort
   - the problems that will be discovered when merging gegl
Thus the typical "when it's ready". Everyone would like gegl to be integrated as soon as possible. Gimp even received in the past some money to do it. But the task is hard and there are other tasks to do (bugs, interface improvements, new plugins, tiny-fu replacement, better brushes, etc.).

I am not a developer. My answer is just to present you some reasons why no one will commit on a date for gegl integration, even if everyone thinks it is the biggest feature in gimp development since migration to gtk2 (from the user perspective).

As a joke, I could also say: "gegl integration is planned to be done when the Debian make their next stable release", but I think this would be too early ;)

Best regards,


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