> So I wonder... are there other better uses? Alternate between two
> tools for example? Or would there be a way to make it configurable,
> so anyone can bind any function to it (I ask due the "only while
> pressed" vs "press & release", and the lack of "move view" tool)?

We should be very careful here and keep in mind that the feature
should be discoverable. If the user presses the Space key, it needs to
become obvious what is happening. Changing the cursor to a hand should
make it clear that dragging with the mouse will now pan the display.

If instead we switched to the last-used tool, the user will only see
that a tool switch takes place. She will probably be surprised that it
switches to a different tool next time she tries. It will be rather
hard to grasp that the tool changes to the last used tool. A lot of
users will simply not understand the logic and won't use it because
the behaviour appears as random.

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