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> i suggested that we attach a household window fan to the top of the
> computer called beta earlier this week (it was having heat problems at
> berkeley) when i learned that this computer has a broken motherboard.
> this was interesting news as no one has touched it since i came to
> california.  i was also told that it is common knowledge that this
> computer is not able to be repaired.

Only for suitable values of "common", IMO...
Well, as we don't know how to spend the donated money, I guess that we
should consider to buy buying one (or two, to have some redundancy?) decent,
priceworthy system for the mailing list, ftp and web servers gimp.org needs?
> i would like to know if anyone else has been able to determine a
> computers health without touching it or plugging it in?

Telepathy - or, as it is not plugged in, necromancy(sp?)?


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