Il giorno mar, 24-05-2005 alle 17:08 +0200, Centipede ha scritto:
> Hope you all aren't too tired of incessantly hearing about my pet
> projects  :)
> I might as well announce the latest one here too (for those of you who
> also visits They continue where layer styles left
> off, but develops into whatever seems a good idea. I have a few more
> plug-ins planned for light effects and various gizmos'n'gadgets in
> game-style gfx.
> Have fun,
> centipede

Hi, I installed your plugin but I wasn't able to select brushes. I
noticed that the names of brushes starts with OGM so I changed this line
in your plugins:

self.config['-brush'  ], 'CGT.*' )


self.config['-brush'  ], 'OMG.*' )

and now works better :)
A second issue is that "load" and "save" button seem to do nothing :(
A third one is that Gimp crashes when I click on two of your brushes in
brushes window. The brushes are OGM GV500 Rim 001 Rivets (8x8) and Rock
004 (that is the same of the first).
For now I'm only "playing" with your plugins but they seem really
Thanks a lot, J

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