Hi there! Thanks for trying out, and do keep the comments coming.

> Hi, I installed your plugin but I wasn't able to select brushes. I
> noticed that the names of brushes starts with OGM so I changed this line
> in your plugins:
> self.config[self.name+'-brush'  ], 'CGT.*' )
> into
> self.config[self.name+'-brush'  ], 'OMG.*' )
> and now works better :)

That's odd? I renamed the tools from 'Brainsuck O.M.G.' to 'Camilla's
Game Tools' in the last minute (guess nobody will blame me), and I've
just tested that in the archives I've uploaded, everything starts with
CGT..? I don't know, perhaps a stale version of the webpage and package
file in some web cache somewhere? Try refreshing. Oh, and do clean all
the OMG stuff out to avoid duplicates :)

I need to clean up the archives. This page will always be the most
recently updated when it comes to CGT: 


> A second issue is that "load" and "save" button seem to do nothing :(

Sorry, they haven't been implemented yet. Give me a week or two. The
settings are saved with your image. Loading and saving is just for
making "templates" so you can transfer a setup from one image/layer to

> A third one is that Gimp crashes when I click on two of your brushes in
> brushes window. The brushes are OGM GV500 Rim 001 Rivets (8x8) and Rock
> 004 (that is the same of the first).

Sorry about the duplicate :)
Yes, I think this is a bug in GIMP actually. You have to click and
release fast, or else it tries to display the brush, perhaps as an
animation. It seems like GIMP has a problem displaying very small
animated brushes. I'll scan for a bugreport and if none mentions this,
I'll post one.

> For now I'm only "playing" with your plugins but they seem really
> useful.
> Thanks a lot, J

Have fun. They will stabilize soon :)

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