Carol Spears wrote:

On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 04:32:37PM +0200, Pierre-Alexis wrote:
I believe Gimp & it's Plugins may be compared to
Firefox & it's Extensions (although it's maybe not
implemented identically).


could you expand on the comparison for me?  i do not see any
similarities and i am interested to see what similarities you see
between the two separately licensed, separately funded softwares that do
completely different tasks on my computer.

help me with this one ....


it's like this carol.

firefox is expanded by millions of users worldwide by submitting themes,
plugins, and extensions. i think pierre was talking about gimp should be
the same. that it should also be expanded by users, since it is also open source.
the comparison is:
GIMP: open source app
is to
Firefox: open source app

GIMP's plugins
is to
Firefox's extensions

i hope i helped. :)


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