Il giorno gio, 26-05-2005 alle 09:59 +0200, Rene Jensen ha scritto: 
> Hi there! Thanks for trying out, and do keep the comments coming.
> > Hi, I installed your plugin but I wasn't able to select brushes. I
> > noticed that the names of brushes starts with OGM so I changed this line
> > in your plugins:
> > 
> > self.config['-brush'  ], 'CGT.*' )
> > 
> > into
> > 
> > self.config['-brush'  ], 'OMG.*' )
> > 
> > and now works better :)
> That's odd? I renamed the tools from 'Brainsuck O.M.G.' to 'Camilla's
> Game Tools' in the last minute (guess nobody will blame me), and I've
> just tested that in the archives I've uploaded, everything starts with
> CGT..? I don't know, perhaps a stale version of the webpage and package
> file in some web cache somewhere? Try refreshing. Oh, and do clean all
> the OMG stuff out to avoid duplicates :)
> I need to clean up the archives. This page will always be the most
> recently updated when it comes to CGT: 

I'm not sure I understand your answer (english is not my native
language) so I try do describe better the problem.
Brushes have two "names": filename like other files and "brushname",
that is the name that appears in the brushes dialog. When the script
searches for CGT.* brushes it looks at the "brushname".
Filenames of brushes in you archive starts with CGT, instead their
"brushname" starts with OMG, so IMHO I think is necessary to modify
script or "brushname". 

> > A second issue is that "load" and "save" button seem to do nothing :(
> Sorry, they haven't been implemented yet. Give me a week or two. The
> settings are saved with your image. Loading and saving is just for
> making "templates" so you can transfer a setup from one image/layer to
> another.


> > A third one is that Gimp crashes when I click on two of your brushes in
> > brushes window. The brushes are OGM GV500 Rim 001 Rivets (8x8) and Rock
> > 004 (that is the same of the first).
> Sorry about the duplicate :)
> Yes, I think this is a bug in GIMP actually. You have to click and
> release fast, or else it tries to display the brush, perhaps as an
> animation. It seems like GIMP has a problem displaying very small
> animated brushes. I'll scan for a bugreport and if none mentions this,
> I'll post one.

You are right I found the same problem with other small animated

Thanks again :)

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