Asif Lodhi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What about giving us a configurable option to configure any one or
> both of these facilities?

Making things configurable is a bad thing to do. Every new
configuration option that is being added doubles the amount of
possible configurations. This makes it impossible to test all possible
configurations and increases the likelihood of bugs. It also makes it
a lot more difficult to document the program. I am not completely
opposed to adding more configuration options and from a programmer's
point of view it's a trivial task but I think we should try very hard
to avoid options. And if we absolutely need them, we should at least
try to come up with reasonable defaults.

In order to come to a conclusion here, we should probably try to
implement a couple of options and actually try them. Backed up by such
tests, it will be a lot easier to decide.

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