Olivier Ripoll wrote:

I have the latest versions of libjpeg, libpng, libtiff and libXpm installed with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set accordingly. I also downloaded and installed gimpprint, and gimp-help.

After three compile attempts...

1) I still cannot save in any other format other than .xcf

Could you give us more detail, for instance:
- are there error messages when you try to save in other formats or just nothing happens ? - launching gimp from a terminal, do you see messages printed when you try to save to a .png or a .jpeg ?

Yes, the Gimp error console displays the message 'Unknown file type' when I try to open or save any file type with an extension other than .xcf

2) There is still no 'file/print' menu option

there should be some useful information when you configure and/or make the gimp about missing libraries and skipped functionalities.

'configure' reported that it found libgtkhtml

3) The help-browser module still doesn't get built

you need to install gtkhtml for this (it is required on my distro to install some additional gnome packages IIRC)

libgtkhtml was created and installed prior to creating Gimp

The new (gimp2) "save" windows is different from the old (gimp1.x) one. by default, the gimp is set to save according to the file name you give, based on the extension. Maybe all you need to do is to type this extension.

See #1


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