For those interested, I have started to make a number of hatchings (or
whatever you say in english). Hopefully they are a little bit prettier and
more natural to use as fillings of dark areas than the clean stripes you get
from wrapping pure lines. I'll add rotated versions too to be used as second
layer for making crosshatches.

So far there are only two, but I have more in the drawer coming up.

They can be found at: under the names
The reason I used .PAT files instead of just .JPG is that I could specify a
more descriptive name than the name of the file. If these cartoon endeavours
turn out okay, I might make a plug-in for it.


> 1) The crosshatching technique in the dark areas is very essential to
> this. I'm sure real Gimp-wizzes can achieve spectacular results with the
> GIMPressionist or whatever but I'm a novice at that.
> .. New layer
> .. Drag the pattern 'Stripes 48x48' onto the layer
> .. Filters/Map/Displace: In X and Y displace source menuboxes choose the
> original layer
> .. Add layer mask to the layer which should be distorted now (right
> click on the layer in the layer menu
> .. Copy original layer (select layer, Ctrl+C) and paste to the mask
> (left click on mask, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-H)
> .. Apply Curves to the mask (Layer/Color/Curves). Set the curve to
> something like this: `\_      or   ``|__

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