Hi folks.  I am a new user to GIMP and would like to stop bumbling around on my own trying to install the many excellent plug-ins out there.  Most of my problems stem from running "make" and then "make install".  Usually there is a problem with gimptool-2.0 not existing.   I am using the packaged version Gimp.app from

Is there a specific additional package or source I must install that includes gimptool?  Can I try to brute force a made plug-in into the directory structure of the Gimp.app package by dragging and dropping?

Any links to Mac-specific plug-in installs or general  FAQ-like collections on the subject is greatly appreciated.  I apologize for the simple question but a lot of the searchable archives deal with installs of specific plug-ins on various platforms, etc. that I don't have enough familiarity with to be able to tell what info might be useful.



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