On Saturday 04 June 2005 11:44 am, Eric P wrote:
> This is probably way off topic for this ML (so please ignore if you
> want), but it started w/the Gimp, so what hell...
> I compiled new versions of atk/glib2/gtk2/pango in order to start
> checking out the 2.3 series of the Gimp.
> Everything went fine.  I removed the old atk/glib2/gtk2/pango RPMs
> along w/their respected devel RPMs.  I then make installed (via
> checkinstall) all the new GTK and friends, so I now have lovely round
> RPMs of each package installed.  Now I compiled Gimp 2.3.0, and, yet
> again, all went well.
> However, when I run YAST now, it insists on reinstalling the old GTK
> (and friends) devel RPMs.  Of course, I don't want to do that as the
> new header files are already installed.  The RPMs I created (with
> checkinstall) contain the header files.  The RPM packages just
> weren't broken out into 2 RPMs per package (i.e., binary RPM and
> devel RPM) like SuSE and other distros tend to do.
> Any tips on this dilemma?
> Thanks for reading,
> Eric P
> Ps. I'm running SuSE 9.2 pro

Did you get any conflicts or dependencies when trying to install the new 
rpms?  I would guess you have a mismatch of sorts and that is why YaST2 
wants to put things right.  You can go into YaST2 software module and 
select those files you installed to set them as protected, so YaST2 
doesn't complain continually.  If you have been running YOU to stay 
updated, your glib2 files & pango files should be adequate to run Gimp 
newer versions, mine is.  I don't have any trouble compiling the newer 
Gimp builds either.  Here are presently installed 9.2 versions:



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