Timo Steuerwald wrote:
Hello all,

is there a way how I can get the common windows open and save file dialog in the windows version of GIMP?


Hi Timo,

Short answer: no.

Longer answer:
If you are a skilled gtk programmer, you can provide a patch to change the gimp to use the "common" one or to emulate its look. However, I am not enough an expert to evaluate the possibility that it could integrate well with the existing code (i.e. not break the linux/*BSD code). And I am not sure the developers would be happy to maintain several "window" layouts in the code.

There is not really any "common" open and save window under windows. My notepad (MS program) open window is different from my Word (another MS program) window. It is also different from the Matlab one or the Irfan Viewer open window. Most of the applications provide their own window most of the time. There seems to be a open window that is more often used (at least under XP), so I guess you are taling about that one.

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