Carol Spears wrote:
On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 09:11:54AM +0200, Olivier Ripoll wrote:

well, thank you for this reminder about tigerts resources; to make that web
page, i was simply searching the web and pasting the urls to a list. i got bored and the list is incomplete. it is a task for when i am more braindead.

the mathy gradients are new to me.  thanks for the url.


Hi Carol,

I was doing some hard drive cleanup today when I found a file called "" containing 22 brushes. I found it was released in 2003 under GPL on the gimpwin mailing list (see this message)
Unfortunately, the link given in the original message is not working anymore.

Do you know where these brushes can be downloaded nowadays?

If there is no such place anymore, are you interested in receiving the zip archive ? I can send the file by email, it is 152 KiB big. The brushes are mainly flower/animal images. As such they are not so useful, but could be for kids or as a gimp pipe brush.

Best regards,


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