On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 05:21:14PM +0200, Olivier Ripoll wrote:
> I was doing some hard drive cleanup today when I found a file called 
> "gimp_brushes.zip" containing 22 brushes. I found it was released in 
> 2003 under GPL on the gimpwin mailing list (see this message)
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/gimpwin/msg00673.html
> Unfortunately, the link given in the original message is not working 
> anymore.
> Do you know where these brushes can be downloaded nowadays?
to be honest, i did not last long on the gimpwin mail list.  there is
only so many hours in a day, do many days in a lifetime ....  then there
is the additional problem of not using brushes that often, the way i use
gimp.  i know very little about what has happened the other mail lists.

> If there is no such place anymore, are you interested in receiving the 
> zip archive ? I can send the file by email, it is 152 KiB big. The 
> brushes are mainly flower/animal images. As such they are not so useful, 
> but could be for kids or as a gimp pipe brush.
i grabbed some brushes from a new chix gimp course also; that project
starts from a mail list that wants to know some things about you before
they share -- so, i keep those in my own resources waiting for a time to
try them.  it is interesting how and what people share and then what you
are supposed to do when you just share what you know without limiting it
to special groups.

my biggest problem with hosting resources like this on my web site is that 
i do not have the time to see if the files contain what they said they do 
and if the resources others have put together actually work.

that being said, i would have no problem putting them on my web site
untested and unresearched by me as long as i can give as much credit to
the creators of the resource pack as i know of.  if the gimpwin mail
list is to get the credit, then so be it.  

giving credit where credit is due should work to implicate where the not
so good stuff comes from as well as where the good stuff came from.

if i were running windows, i would most certainly not be very anxious
for yet another zipped file of free things.

all this being said, sure -- i will put the brushes on carol.gimp.org
and anything else that people think make good resources for TheGIMP.

i got into this because i was upset that so many computers were being
bought and sold with only windows installed which violated everything i
was taught about how my country and good business works.  "this" being
promoting the gnu/linux version of TheGIMP.

i would rather be sharing linux resources and not be in need of
explanations about why promoting and advocating choices for human beings 
has reduced this human into a choiceless and sorry excuse for the human 
who started this (simply out of love for her species).

mail them to me and thanks,

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