On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 06:06:16AM +0200, nuno alexandre wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 20:01 -0700, Carol Spears wrote:
> > well, i got the hard parts done -- a lot more quickly than i thought i
> > would be able to.
> > 
> > first i made a path using the pathtool, then i used the text tool to
> > make some text.  in the tool options there is a button for "text along a
> > path".  it was simple, all i did was use this button and the text did
> > the correct thing, as a path.  i changed the path into a selection and
> > filled it.
> wait a minute ... can you describe in a more sensible way the steps
> required to make that ?
> Im using TheGimp 2.2.7 on Gnu/linux and the button I have is called:
> "Create path from text", however when i press that button nothing
> happens-
> That is the text doesn't follow the path i made before.
> Im doing this:
> 1) New image 400x400 white bg
> 2) Create Path - round mountain shaped
> 3) Enter some text
> 4) choose "Create path from text" from the text tools

the error is in 4) of your steps.

i am curious which version of gimp has the "Text along path" button, it
might be new.  perhaps you should try the recent developers version:

i find the unstable version to be very stable; it is weird how software
is that way -- at least this free stuff i use.  stable distributions can
be more unstable since no one really cares about it anymore, for

> -#- 
> At this point I have:
> a) a white background layer + a text layer
>    b) 2 paths - 1) the text I wrote
>                          2) The path I.ve drew
> 5) change "Path to selection" ( the path I drew?)
> 6) ?!? 
> If you have the time and patience to explain it - thanks, otherwise
> ill keep trying.
i have the patience :)

i think the problem is that you do not have the button.

also, if you are worried about problems with the unstable version, it
might actually be in your better interests to see about using the cvs
version.  once you can build a gimp, it is usually easy to take the few
extra steps to build the cvs version.  what you get from the extra
effort is that any problems you find will probably get fixed; if the
developers agree with you that it is a problem.

also, i like the quote that i deleted from both of these emails.


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