On Tuesday 14 June 2005 03:23, nuno alexandre wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 23:12 -0700, Carol Spears wrote:

> alright - ill hack up an ebuild for TheGimp to fetch the cvs
> instead. Thanks.
>                       nuno
Indeed, it is  a new button just above "create path from text" in GIMP 
2.3 /CVS HEAD - called "Text along path".

I ejust tried it when I saw your e-mail from yesterday, and it's UI 
may require some improvement before the final 2.4 - but it works now.

I am writing this because I can infere from your previous e-mails that 
you do not know the full functionality of paths  - and this button 
just create a new path. I will explain from the start

A path is a vectorial entity in the GIMP. There is a dialog to see 
whuch paths exist in a given image - usually it is the third tab on 
the layers dockable dialog (or if it is closed, just select the 
"Paths" in the dialogs menu).

A path is normally invisible, unless it is being edited - with the 
path tool, the one that by default is after the Scissors tool - or if 
it is set to be editable in the paths dialog (clicking to the left of 
a path's name will toggle the 'eye' visibility icon).

Once you have your new GIMP 2.3.1 or newer, draw a path with the paths 
tool to be the text path. Then
 select the text tool and an apropriate font size beforehand,
 write your text,
 "label 1"
 click the text along path button
 toggle the text alyer to invisible
 change to th paths dialog
 if the bended text path you created is ok, then proceed to "label 2 "
    delete the bended text path
    switch back to the layers dialog
    click to edit text
    change your font size/text length
    go back to "label 1" 
  "label 2"
  select a layer on the layers dialog for the bended txt to show up
  choose whether you want to fill or stroke the path
  if you want to fill, click in path to selection, drag a color to the 
  else if you want to stroke, go to edit->stroke path

Pleas do nto be scared for the number of steps - most are "authomatic" 
- you better do not follow this e-mail when you are at it - just read 
throw it once.

But I think I made  a point of why this feature's UI need some more 
improvement, mainly around the first  "if".


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