On Tuesday 14 June 2005 12:59, John R. Culleton wrote:
> Am running 2.3.0 without incident. I downloaded 2.3.1 and
> attempted to configure. I got a message about pygtk-2.0 missing.
> What is this, is it essential and where can I find it?
> Not a huge deal. 2.3.0 is OK.
From gimp 2.3.1  and ahead, teh gimp python extension is enabled by 

With it in, you get some new plug-ins, but above everythiong else, a 
powrfull high level language to script up the GIMP in better and easy 

Search google to find the best way to install pygtk on your system (if 
you have to build it, it is buitl easily and without mess ) These are 
the bindings of the  python language to GTK .

If you are in ahurry, however, you cvan just pass --disable-python to 
the ./configure script, and live a little more withou the python 

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