On Wednesday 15 June 2005 19:38, nuno alexandre wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible, somehow, to lockup the tool windows, so that It
> wont be possible to
> tear them apart by mistake ? because I do this sometimes, and then
> Its impossible to
> add the tools to the "main" window - so I have to delete the
> ~/.gimp dir and setup everything like it was before.
No locking, but there is a way to drag them back to the main window.
Just pick with the mouse next to the tools title, and drag it to 
exactly the bottom part of the tools...by going up and down, you will 
see that the small rectangle just before the window border changes 
colro when you drag it over it. Just drop what you  are draging 


> Thanks.
> ps: I dont remember if I wrote about this before, because I can't
> see my own posts to the list, only the replies - problems with the
> list ?
>                       nuno
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