> 1) Beyond my first msg to this list, it seems to be 
> difficult to get my posts to appear. Just testing again.
> I have a theory that msgs in HTML format are dumped,
> and that perhaps I got banned for it. I've sent email to
> the list admin, but haven't rec'd a reply.
AFAIK HTML mail is not dropped (unfortunately).

> 2) Probably a boring repetitive question, but why isn't
> this list a newsgroup instead? Would be easier to track
> responses, etc.

A mailing list and a news group are displayed identically by most
mail-/newsreaders, so there is no real gain in this. You give up control,
too, and occasionally you may want to exclude someone from the list due to
his behaviour.

BTW, there is a news group, comp.graphics.apps.gimp


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