Claudia Stolle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> when I opened a multipage postscript file with the gimp 1.2.5, it
> poped up each page from the file in an own window.  Some days before
> I changed to gimp version 2.2.4. When I open the multipage postscrip
> with that, it pops up only the first page.  Unfortunatly, I did not
> find any button to change to multipage opening.  Is the opening of
> only the first page a new charachteristic of gimp?  Or can anybody
> tell me how I can force gimp2.2 to open all pages out of one
> postscipt file?

It most probably opened the pages but as layers. Look below the first

Perhaps we should popup a dialog telling the user that a multi-page
TIFF was loaded into multiple layers?

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