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On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 12:29:13PM -0700, Don Rozenberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Refocus seems to be an interesting plugin.  I downloaded the gimp 2 version
by Stephan Menzel.  However, I have been unable to compile the code.  I am

I built it a few days ago and would have uploaded a binary, but it's for
amd64 so few people would have a use for it.

What I did was temporarily comment out all "#incldue <*preview.h>" lines
in the libgimpui(?) libs which made it compile (and run). Quite ugly. Someone
should fix it, of course :)

PS: I used this slightly hacked source that I downloaded somwehere where I
can't find it anymore:

Since last writing, I have been pondering what approach to take to get refocus working. I finally decided that in the interval between writing refocus and including a preview facility that was missing from Gimp and now,the Gimp folks included such a facility which was slightly different but used some of the same names. In such a scenario if one tried to compile the code, name conflicts would blow one out of the water.

I decided to try starting with the Gimp 2 version from Stephan Menzel, refocus-0.9.0_gimp2 and to bypass the Gimp preview stuff and use the original preview facility in refocus. To do that, I tried compiling refocus and whenever there was a name conflict I would change the name in refocus by appending to the name the string '_ROZEN'. It is not that I am an egotist, it just lets one find all my changes easily and remove them. It only involved three files gimppreview.h, gimppreview.c, and refocus.c. This is similar to what you did and also ugly and also needs and deserves better.

My final code can be found at <> All changes to Menzel's code are flagged with '_ROZEN'.


Don Rozenberg

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