On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 11:04:07AM +0200, Sven G?rsmann wrote:
> I have a question: What happened to the side-bar.scm Script-Fu by Mike 
> Oliphant? I used it in the older versions of GIMP (1.x), but now with 
> the new 2.x GIMP versions  the older scripts  are unfunctional cause the 
> Script-Fu engine changed.
> Does anybody know where i can find an updated version of this ( and 
> maybe other ) script ? Or can anybody tell me where to find a "manual" 
> which shows how to update the old scripts to work again in the new Gimp?
i can tell you two places where it is not, in cvs.  i grabbed a checkout
of gimp-1.2 and gimp-1.0 and it is not there.  

perhaps it is stuck in the attic in cvs?

for updating old scripts, since gimp-1.2 most of the changes have been
logical.  i have done some updating of a few python and perl scripts, it
is generally just a few calls that need to be changed.  i am not certain
how to document this more than telling you to run the script and see
what sort of error message you get.  the error message and the scripting
tools are in most cases enough to figure out what changes need to be


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