On Fri, 2005-06-24 at 10:28 -0300, Jon Lapham wrote:
> nuno alexandre wrote:
> > you can use convert from ImageMagick.
> > [snip shell script]
> As I mentioned, I have a perl script (incidently using the ImageMagick 
> module) which does exactly what your shell script does.
> I was just curious if/how the Gimp could do it, as I use the Gimp for 
> all my image processing except for this one step.

>From what I've found on the net, related to theGimp capabilities to do
batch jobs,
I can say that you are better suited with ImageMagick and, like you
said, your custom perl scripts.
I quote:

"Batch mode is slow. Its not really a practical replacement for tools
like ImageMagick or NetPBM when it comes to large scale image
conversions or similar. At least not without writing some very clever

The problem with this approach is that gimp/script-fu has no built in
procedures to itterate though a list of images. So you cant easily tell
gimp to load up *.jpg and run predator.scm on them, at least not without
it taking a _long_ time.

So you could write a shell script to fire up gimp in batch mode for each
image, but that starts a new gimp for every image. And gimp startup time
is very very slow, especially if you plan to repeat ir a few hndred

src: http://adrian.gimp.org/batch/batch-7.html


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