> I can say that you are better suited with ImageMagick and, like you
> said, your custom perl scripts.
> I quote:
> "Batch mode is slow. Its not really a practical replacement for tools
> like ImageMagick or NetPBM when it comes to large scale image
> conversions or similar. At least not without writing some very clever
> scripts.
> The problem with this approach is that gimp/script-fu has no built in
> procedures to itterate though a list of images. So you cant easily tell
> gimp to load up *.jpg and run predator.scm on them, at least not without
> it taking a _long_ time.
> So you could write a shell script to fire up gimp in batch mode for each
> image, but that starts a new gimp for every image. And gimp startup time
> is very very slow, especially if you plan to repeat ir a few hndred
> times."
> src: http://adrian.gimp.org/batch/batch-7.html

that web page is from 1998
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