On Friday 24 June 2005 10:45 am, Andreas Waechter wrote:
> nuno alexandre wrote:
> > Oh and BTW,
> > Can you _please_ reply only to the list and not to me personally,
> > unless requested ?
> Unfortunately (IMO) this list is set up so that a "Reply"
> goes NOT to the list but to the original sender of the message.
> I don't know why this list is set up in this way - replying
> to the list (for public discussion) is IMO the standard
> case, replying to someone personnally the exception - thus
> the standard setup should be that a reply goes to the list.

Not sure what is going on in your Thunderbird, maybe a setting or 
something, but "reply" should send it right back to the mail list.  I 
know I can press "R" or "L" in KMail and it replies to the mail list 
for me.  Usually Thunderbird is quite good at doing replies, so I'm 
thinking maybe a setting is off on your end.


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