Andreas Waechter wrote:
>> Andreas,
>> Not sure what is going on in your Thunderbird, maybe a setting or
>> something, but "reply" should send it right back to the mail list.  
> No, Thunderbird should not "reply" to the list with the current settings
> of the list.
> There is no "Reply-To" header, thus a "Reply" has to go to the address
> in the "From" header - which is the address of the original sender, not
> the list.

There is

 List-Post: <>

The lack of list reply capabilities is a long known bug of Thunderbird.
Recently, someone wrote an extension that recognizes these headers at
least, but unfortunately it doesn't change the behaviour of the reply

> The List address is in the "To" field. Thus only a "Reply All" will go
> to the list as CC (and to the original sender as TO).
> Don't blame my mail client for the set-up of the list.
> 15 out of 17 mail lists I read have a reply-to header with the list
> address, the only other list which has one is one I only read and never
> reply - with those 15 mail lists, a "Reply" goes to the list.

I'd like to have this as well, mainly because I want to discourage
private replies to mailing list messages at all (the link Alan posted
some time ago explains why).

>> Usually Thunderbird is quite good at doing replies, so I'm thinking
>> maybe a setting is off on your end.
> Definitely not.

Yes, Thunderbird is unfortunately very bad at doing list replies. It's
even beaten by rather old MUAs on Windows, like Pegasus Mail.


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