Well after several hours of printing,
going threw 2 black ink cartridges.... there is a problem.

it would ³appear² ( Gimp-Print ) 4.2.7 and the C84 driver,
plus the fact Gimp doesn¹t offer color management. ( 2.2.6 )

Mac OS X 10.3.9
Photoshop 4.0 ( OS 9 )
Gimp 2.2.6 ( & Gimp Print 4.2.7 )
C86 Epson Printer
Nikon CoolPix Camera

I took a image off my nikon camera,
and brought it into PS and Gimp, to have a look.

Then decided to do a print preview, instead of wasting more paper and inks...

Gimp uses the gimp print drive, I did use the standard setting all 1.00, and
print preview... okay, no even close, lost of detail, to dark.

Now in PS took that same image, and setup using
Epson print drive C86, and used the standard settings 1.000,
expect for gamma which was 1.8 and colorsync was active.
Bamm, 99% there.... 

So, there is something to be said, for the epson print driver.
and colorsync with Apple OS.

Too bad one can¹t use the real epson driver... with Gimp.

Can¹t afford to print out hundreds of photos, to get 80% close
if the color spaces are different.


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