On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 10:13:28AM +0000, John R. Culleton wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 June 2005 08:42 pm, Carol Spears wrote:
> >
> > mr. culleton, i am going to respectfully ask the reason that after all
> > of this time you are not running a cvs version of gimp?  you seem
> > overdue for this.
> >
> With other packages there is an overnight snapshot of the CVS,
> bundled as tarball. Does such a facility exist for Gimp?  Where?
let me use an example from my government to demonstrate how cvs gimp
works better than this "overnight" model -- the mozilla nightlies is the
one example i have seen of this.

my government funded the SETI program.  when funding was removed so many
interested people used the SETI at home software to contribute.  from
what i heard of the success of this conversion, to free themselves from
the limitations of the old mainframes and use all of those home
computers to do the work, the amount of actual work they accomplished
with the new set up is best measured exponentially.

i have watched this build process as it has progressed on windows.
there was a time where Tor was building all of the gimps that were used
on windows.  since that time, (pardon misspellings) jernj and michael
schumaml have been building gimp from cvs on windows and a few others as
well.  these poor souls are building gimp with a sane build system on
an operating system that is not friendly to development like this.
their efforts go far into making that build system better and better.

it would be nice to see some mac users with the same unafraid spirit to
attempt to build gimp for their operating system as well.  that might be
an environment that is designed for critics and not for builders and
makers though -- i dunno for sure.

i am not so certain that providing those snapshots did very much to
actually make good software.  the definition of what makes good software
is greatly under debate -- i would still like to see a browser, from the
free world, that is capable of displaying mng.  my mozilla will gladly
and easily display flash, which unfortunately includes the
advertisements.  and it downloads the files even though i do not have
the plug-in installed.  this is what the build-farm has rendered.

> > if you find pygtk and get python running on gimp, i would like to have
> > your feedback about my silly little script writing attempts.
> >
> Still struggling with pygtk. More later. 
yes, i admit i read that before i wrote this.

sorry for the delay, i was at a different place in my inbox than here
while all of the fun was going on.


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