On Wednesday 29 June 2005 01:14 pm, Simon Budig wrote:
> John R. Culleton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Earlier in my journey autogen.sh had complained about an
> > obsolete intltool so I installed version 32 of that package.
> Did you rerun autogen.sh after updating intltool?

I removed the cvs/gimp directory
ran cvs checkout -r HEAD gimp
cd to new gimp subdirectory
ran autogen.sh
ran make
ran make install
(pls note post below)
> > BTW I switched from stable cvs to unstable by deleting the
> > entire ~/cvs/gimp subdirectory and using the command
> > cvs checkout -r HEAD gimp
> >
> > I used this technique to avoid conflicts between versions.
> >
> > The initial splash screen for the resulting Gimp says:
> > Pixeldumper Developers Release 2.3
> >
> > but the window displayed when I click help>about still says
> > version 2.2.9
> It seems you installed the old and the new gimp in the same prefix.
> The about dialog should say 2.3.1.
Since I deleted the entire gimp subdirectory I don't see how this
could be.    
> Make sure that you read the file HACKING and INSTALL in CVS.

Looking for them now. 
> Bye,
>         Simon

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