On 6/28/05, Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Richard Nagle writes:
> Some of what you and Michael Chang describe seems foreign to me,
> which made me wonder what platform you're on -- I think there are
> platform differences between the printing plug-ins.

I'm sorry if I confused you.  I have a dual-boot Linux and Windows
system.  The last thing I printed, however, was on a recent build of
The GIMP 2.x for Windows.  Although that shouldn't make too much of a
difference - otherwise, The GIMP programmers have something they could
consider a bug (or feature) here (lack of consistancy between Win/Lin
versions of the GIMP to each other, as opposed to consistancy between
Win GIMP and Windows Apps vs Lin Gimp and Lin Apps).

> On Linux, printing is really straightforward. I'm in an XCF and
> I do File->Print. I get a dialog saying that GIMP can't handle
> layers and offering to export, and I say yes. That's just for the
> printer; it doesn't flatten the layers in the current image or
> otherwise change it (much like how saving to jpeg will flatten
> layers in the saved file, but the file you're editing still has
> all the layers intact).

What version of The GIMP?

> > Should I just save the image in .jpg format then print normal?

=.="  Why don't you just flatten the image as an XCF?  Right click on
the image, click "Image", then click "Flatten Image".  Then use "Save
As".  Just the same as your "saving as a .jpg".

> > Still compare to the screen image, the photo is off,
> > from 25 - 40 %
> >
> > $64.00 question, how to fix it. ( what you see is what you get. )

Didn't your mother ever tell you that 99% of the time, the screen will
never match the printer 100% hue for hue?  If you look at it from a
scientific perspective, it makes perfect sence, considering colours
are mixed in completely different ways (Your printer uses CMYK, [cyan,
magenta, yellow, black] whereas your screen uses RGB [red, green,
blue].)  There's no easy way. You just have to print the same picture
out ten hundred times, and tweak both settings until you get it right.
 Good luck.  You'll need it.

> michael chang writes:
> > The GIMP's print module will only print the current layer by default.
> This must be a platform difference, and a different print plug-in
> from the Linux gimp-print one I'm using. GIMP prints all layers
> of an XCF for me.

I dunno.  One of my classmates was bugged because the Windows build
only printed out the current layer.  He had to ask me for help, even
though he claims he knows more about Linux and computing than me.  It
was a recent build, too.

That said, I think Linux *does* print out all the layers.  Does
someone want to ask Gimp-developers why this is an inconsistancy
(after we've verified it)?

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