On 6/28/05, Richard Nagle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> it would ³appear² ( Gimp-Print ) 4.2.7 and the C84 driver,
> plus the fact Gimp doesn¹t offer color management. ( 2.2.6 )

You seem to fail to notice that on the other operating systems that
The GIMP runs on (Windows and The GIMP / Linux and CUPS and The GIMP)
have colour management put into the *print system* and not the
application level.  Therefore, the problem would seem to be that APPLE
doesn't support Colour Correction.  Talk to gimp-print, and ask how
they handle printers on Apple systems.  Then double check your color
management settings for your printer in the OS.  If they don't exist,
I doubt you can expect The GIMP to implement it's own colour

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