I got a bunch of patterns that I use in graphics,
and recently I just got another bunch so the total is
564 pieces.
My brush number is getting bigger by the day, as well other ressources.

The problem is that whenever I start TheGimp it takes so much time to
that it eventually crashes my machine every time.
The disks start to trash and everything comes to a halt.
My setup is a amd64 3500+ with 1GB ram and the disks are in raid0,
running Gnu/Linux - so the problem isn't in lacking "horse power".

TheGimp doesn't look to be prepared to handle large amount of resources,
and although It seems to work OK with the fairly thin defaults provided
by the package, it isn't flexible enough in this area like similar
Looks like there is room to improvement. 

Is there anything, from a users point of view, that I can do to improve
responsiveness in the application loading time ?


"Non-free programs are dangerous to you and to your community.
        Don't let them get a place in your life." - RMS

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