On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 11:11:42PM +0200, nuno alexandre wrote:
> The problem is that whenever I start TheGimp it takes so much time to
> load
> that it eventually crashes my machine every time.
> The disks start to trash and everything comes to a halt.
> My setup is a amd64 3500+ with 1GB ram and the disks are in raid0,
> running Gnu/Linux - so the problem isn't in lacking "horse power".
> TheGimp doesn't look to be prepared to handle large amount of resources,
> and although It seems to work OK with the fairly thin defaults provided
> by the package, it isn't flexible enough in this area like similar
> competitors. 
> Looks like there is room to improvement. 
> Is there anything, from a users point of view, that I can do to improve
> responsiveness in the application loading time ?
i explained to someone recently with an extremely similar problem that
your resources can be sorted either by how you use them or by subject or
even alphabetically (if that would make sense with your workflow) put
into separate directories and then use the Preferences dialog to manage
which of the resources are available for the gimp to use for each

it might even be possible to use different ~/.gimp directories to help
you manage them, but this is lacking graphical user interface and would
require a little creativity at your commandline or perhaps some reading
of the gimp man page.

first, look at Preferences -->Folders and expand this dialog.  put a few
of the resources into different directories and see how gimp responds to

the only drawback is that the gimp will not work well this way without a
little work on your part.  meaning that the directories are not
available until gimp is restarted.

all of the tools are there to manage your resources however.


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