there are two new releases to announce this time. The release of 2.2.8
is already a few days old but still worth mentioning. GIMP 2.2.8 is a
bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.2 series. Here's a list of
changes since 2.2.7:

    Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.8
    - fixed possible crash in plug-ins-query PDB function
    - fixes to Script-Fu server mode on Win32
    - fixed possible crash in win32 gimptool variant
    - plugged a tiny memleak in the image display code
    - plugged a tiny memleak in libgimpwidgets
    - attempt to fix calling the web-browser on win32 (bug #171200)
    - fixed loading of images in help-browser plug-in on win32
    - fixed zoom offsets if dot-for-dot mode is disabled (bug #306476)
    - fixes to Gfig parasite loading
    - disabled buggy gimprc option stingy-memory-use (bug #306617)
    - don't try to create a preview for a non-existant image file
      (bug #307672)
    - fixed bug in Retinex plug-in (bug #157915)
    - fixed bug in Newsprint plug-in (bug #161573)
    - fixed bug in Shift plug-in (bug #308748)
    - fixed bug in Grid plug-in (bug #308754)

For the brave and curious, GIMP 2.3.2 is a snapshot of current
development towards GIMP 2.4. Compared to 2.3.1, this release includes
the following changes:

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.2

    - more standard way of dealing with translation of the startup tips
    - allow to use the selected font in the text tool's text editor
    - some minor UI changes for HIG compliance
    - redid the framework that deals with installing desktop files
    - started to reorganize menus, mainly plug-ins and scripts
    - renamed "Scatter RGB" and "Scatter HSV" to "RGB Noise" and "HSV Noise"
    - allow to clear the document history
    - don't normalize the result in the Laplace plug-in (bug #306874)
    - ported FractalExplorer GUI to GtkTreeView, getting rid of the last
      XPM icons that were being used
    - added an option to Motion Blur to blur outwards
    - added support for the proposed ICC Profiles In X Specification
    - added new widget GimpEnumLabel to libgimpwidgets
    - let the lcms display filter module show information about the used
      color profiles
    - improved drawing of the brush outline
    - fixed build of Python language binding on Win32
    - allow plug-ins to access the user's color management configuration
    - added new widget GimpPageSelector to libgimpwidgets
    - reenabled the Debug menu
    - load and save ICC color profiles from/to JPEG images
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

If you want to try the development snapshot, please read the release
notes at http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.3.html

The source code for GIMP is available from ftp.gimp.org or one of the
mirrors listed at:


Thanks to all the people who have helped to make these release happen.
Happy GIMPing,

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