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> Subject: [Gimp-user] drawing a simple rectangle
> Hi,
> I'm new to this list.

> I'll start off by saying that I've used adobe and macromedia products
> extensively.

Ah, exploring alternatives before Adobe kills them off entirely.

> I'm trying to draw a flowchart in Gimp.

There are other more appropriate tools for this but if you are determined
to use the GIMP I'll try and suggest some ways you might do it.

If you want to draw Flowcharts Dia is probably the best choice.

You might also be interested to try Inkscape which is a mulitpurpose
vector graphics editor.  http://inkscape.org

You could say Inkscape is closer to Macromedia Freehand and the GNU Image
Manipulation program is closer to Macromedia Fireworks although that is a
terrible generalisation and although they are intended for similar
purposes both do things quite differently from what you might be used to
with Macromedia products.

(If you like KDE then Kivio might be worth looking at.  Kivio is the KDE
answer to Microsoft Visio and part of their koffice suite.
OpenOffice.org Draw might also be worth trying.)

For drawing a Flowchart I would certainly recommend you try using a
different application but I hope you will find other reasons to use the
GNU Image Manipulation Program.

> The first problem I have is that there is no rectangle 'draw' tool.

Me too when I first started.  The standard workaround is to create a
selection and then choose "Edit, Stroke" to colour it in.

There is some interest in adding standard drawing tools but it is not a
top priority.  (There should be a bug report tracking this issue but I
spent a few minutes and didn't manage to find the appropriate report.)

> So I used the selection tool, then set the line to solid, however in order to
> move the rectangle I have to select the area around it and move that. That 
> can't
> be the way :-(

Also Gfig is another vector graphics tool built into the gimp and can be
found under "Filters, Render, Gfig"

It might be worth your while to explore the Path Tools (it looks like a
Pen nib pointing upwards).

> Secondly I'd like to create a rectangle and put text in there and group the 
> two
> objects or layers.
> Is there a way to do this?

Grouping of objects and Layers is more something you should expect in a
vector graphics application.  I expect you will find either Dia or
Inkscape more suitable choices.

> I'm pretty sure these are basic questions and I tried searching the archives,
> however the search tool didn't work,

Rather than using the onsite tools I will often use a search

> your help would be  welcome :-)

Hoped that helps.  Thanks for giving something else a try instead of


Alan Horkan

Inkscape http://inkscape.org
Abiword http://www.abisource.com
Dia http://gnome.org/projects/dia/
Open Clip Art http://OpenClipArt.org

Alan's Diary http://advogato.org/person/AlanHorkan/

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