Jad Madi writes:
> Today I took some shots but I've forgot to disable macro, 
> actually all was great shots, but macro screwed them up

In what way did it screw them up?

The most common way is that they'll be out of focus -- the camera
is set to only focus on close things, and you pointed at something
far away so it couldn't focus.

You'll never be able to get a really sharp image out of that --
the information just isn't there in the photograph -- but if it's
not *too* far out of focus, Unsharp Mask can make it a bit better.
Play around with the settings (Unsharp Mask has a preview now,
which really helps).

If you have a lot of time to spend and really can't retake the
photos, there are other techniques for using Unsharp Mask or other
sharpening tools in conjunction with other tools (selections
or layer masks, for example) to get better control over how an
image gets sharpened. The term to google for is "sharpen"
or "sharpening" -- you may be able to find some helpful tutorials
with that keyword plus things like "photo", "blurry", "tutorial",
or "GIMP".  Don't limit yourself to GIMP tutorials; tutorials
for other image processing programs can often be applied to GIMP.

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