> Von: Jon Kleiser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

 > Is it possible to write a Scheme/Script-Fu script that puts circular
 > dots at certain positions using the Ink tool? The reason I want to
 use the Ink tool is that those dots are nicely anti-aliased.

Using the "normal" brush tool, the antialiasing seems to be better... at
least for me.


Two questions then:

1) Is it possible to write a script using the Ink tool?
   If it is, a few hints could be useful.

2) How do I script the Brush tool to make a single circular dot?
   After (gimp-context-set-brush "Circle (09)"), I have tried both
   (gimp-rect-select img 50 50 0 0 ...) and
   (gimp-free-select img 2 point-array ...) before I do a
   (gimp-edit-stroke drawable),
   but both give me a "Procedural database execution failed" at
   the (gimp-edit-stroke ...).

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