On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 03:15:54PM -0400, Haines Brown wrote:
> I'm a GIMP noobie and so have been following the Simple Floating Logo
> tutorial on the web site and struggling to apply it to my GIMP 2.2.6. 
> As a learning exercise, I set out to create a banner. After having
> created a background layer I set up a text layer. 
it was written for gimp-1.0; i thas been ported a little forward but
still reflects gimp-1.2

> A secondary question is how to anchor it. When I do C-h, nothing
> changes. Is anchoring necessary in a simple project like this, and how
> do I know one layer is anchored upon another. One text seems to iply
> that in the Layers Dialog, to the right of the eye icon, the button
> acquires an anchor symbol. If I click tha button, I get a link
> symbol. I mention this only because it may be relevant to my primary
> question. 
i am curious where you found the keystrokes for this?

perhaps it would be good to stick to the menu entries and try to make
the layers shown match your layers.  meaning, if it is a layer of
blurred white text on a black background, look in the menues to see the
best way to make a layer that looks like that.

the text tool has changed and makes a different type of layer now.

can you find the key that merges a layer down?

> After having created the text layer (and anchored it?), I want to do a
> color inversion. First I select the layer in the Layers Dialog (don't
> know how to do it yet from keyboard), and with the image frame
> focused, I type C-i. All this does is to give the background a dotted
> outline and the text layer a mobile wavy outline.
again, you are asking questions using keystrokes.

since the tutorial was written using menu entries, it might be easier to
identify where you are at in those written words if you use the menu
entry and the words from the tutorial.

> If instead I use the menu and do Layer,Colors,Invert, the black text
> turns the color of its background (white) and so disappears because
> the area around the text does not turn black. I should be getting
> white text on a black ground.
the text tool has changed since the tutorial was ported to gimp-1.2.  if
you write to [EMAIL PROTECTED], you can get a long apology from him to
help you to understand as much as i do about the demise of the web team.

> Sorry for such an elementary question.
it would be easier if you asked a more elementary question.

i am curious where you found the need to translate the text into


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