I am new to gimp and am running on Knoppix/Debian with Gimp 2.2.7.

I build my print images in gimp on my Knoppix box but have to send it to
my wife's apple where the color printer is attached. It seems logical to use
Photoshop 7 to print the photo on the apple. So I do my gimp thing and
build an 8.5x11 inches image with a resolution of 300 px/inch. I then store it as
a psd file.

However, when I open the psd in Photoshop 7, Photoshop declares that the
image is 35.4x45.8 inches with a resolution of 72 px/inch. This looks like a bug to me and since I would expect Photoshop to handle their own format correctly,
I assume that it is a gimp bug.

Am I doing something wrong?


Don Rozenberg

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